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Rethinking Economics

The Rethinking Economics conference this weekend went very well. I think that this movement is only getting bigger. The level of organisation at the conference was extremely impressive. Something tells me that this will not be going away any time … Continue reading

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Interest Rates and ‘Reserve Constraints’: Why Endogenous Money Works Without Central Bank Intervention

Endogenous money advocates often think that a central bank is required in order to offset increases in government borrowing. The story goes: the central bank targets the overnight interest rate by buying up government securities; if the government issues more … Continue reading

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‘Uncertainty’ in Contemporary DSGE Modelling: Not Even Wrong

Confusion of thought and feeling leads to confusion of speech. — John Maynard Keynes Readers will note that I very rarely discuss DSGE modelling on here. Frankly, I’m not enormously interested. The fad is one in which economists — or, … Continue reading

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Housing Bubble Redux

A piece I did for Al Jazeera on the IMF warnings of a potential global housing bubble. Here we go again. Will real estate bubbles again sink the global economy?

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A Series of Interviews on My Forthcoming Book — Part Deux

The next part of the interview on my new book. This one deals with less methodological issues, as did the previous interview, and focuses on actual substantive issues. We discuss aggregate demand, theories of financial markets — including a discussion … Continue reading

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A Series of Interviews on My Forthcoming Book.

Amogh Sahu recently did along series of interviews with me based on what will be in my forthcoming book. The first interview is up now and it deals broadly with methodology and epistemology. There’s also some discussion of equilibrium methods … Continue reading

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The Eurozone: An Awful Mess

I have an article that went up on Al Jazeera yesterday. It’s on the future of the Eurozone and its got some good responses so far. Readers might be interested. The European single currency system spirals further out of control

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