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Is Economics a Science? Dogmatic Economics Vs. Reflective Economics

The question asked in the title of this post is actually somewhat of a trick. It is a trick because it all depends upon how you define ‘science’. Often when people say that economics is a science what they are … Continue reading

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GLS Shackle and the Link Between Theology and Marginalist Economics

Yesterday I came across an interesting and unusual paper by Bruce Littleboy entitled ‘Religious Undercurrents in the Writings of GLS Shackle‘. As readers of this blog will probably be aware Shackle is one of my favourite economists. I had never, … Continue reading

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INET YSI Discussion of a Chapter of My Forthcoming Book

Earlier this week Amogh Sahu set up a INET YSI discussion group to deal with the 4th chapter of my forthcoming book which is entitled ‘Schemata: Abstraction and Modelling’. This is not available yet but I shared a draft with … Continue reading

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The Backward World of ‘Arguments From Authority’ in Economics

Unlike almost all the other human sciences economics suffers from chronically poor scholarship. Bad habits of citation and scholarship have become so ingrained in the discipline that to not adhere to them is often considered to be poor form or … Continue reading

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Murray Rothbard, Edmund Burke and Intellectual Myopia

There is nothing so sad as to watch someone mistake a parody of his character for a complement. I suppose there are three ways to respond to people having fun on your behalf. The first, and most endearing, is to … Continue reading

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Uncertainty and Freedom

I am beginning to increasingly think that Keynes’ economics, with its every present emphasis on uncertainty, is actually an economics that takes the idea that humans are free seriously. That is, it is an anti-deterministic economics. I think that the … Continue reading

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The Reformation in Economics: Table of Contents

So, my book is super close to being finished (I know… I keep saying that…). And I have an agent currently considering it. They have said that they want this to be published as a popular book which is exactly … Continue reading

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Moar Rethinking of Economics

Here’s an interview with Tony Lawson on economics, mathematics and ontology.

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A Series of Interviews on My Forthcoming Book.

Amogh Sahu recently did along series of interviews with me based on what will be in my forthcoming book. The first interview is up now and it deals broadly with methodology and epistemology. There’s also some discussion of equilibrium methods … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Keynesian Kaleido-Static Reasoning and Mainstream Methodology

In order to give an adequate definition of what has been called Keynesian kaleido-statics it is first relevant to define it against that out of which it grew. Keynes’ work, as has been noted many times, grew out of the … Continue reading

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