A Series of Interviews on My Forthcoming Book.


Amogh Sahu recently did along series of interviews with me based on what will be in my forthcoming book. The first interview is up now and it deals broadly with methodology and epistemology. There’s also some discussion of equilibrium methods and so forth. It’s all a bit abstract but I think that we brought it down to earth to a large extent. At least I hope so.

Philip Pilkington on Modern Economic Methodology


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Philip Pilkington is a macroeconomist and investment professional. Writing about all things macro and investment. Views my own.You can follow him on Twitter at @philippilk.
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2 Responses to A Series of Interviews on My Forthcoming Book.

  1. David Dixon says:

    Audio’s much better in this one! Thanks.

  2. Nick says:


    I really enjoy your blog! I have found these interviews particularly insightful. I was wondering if there were any particular books on methodology you’d recommend? Thanks!

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