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The Gold Bug Song

Here’s a song I wrote about gold bugs when I was supposed to be doing work today. Yes, I know the quality is pretty crap and I should probably stick to my day job. But regardless.

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The Chomsky-Foucault Debate: Science Versus Its Nameless Rival

In response to my previous post a commenter on a private group I’m engaged with said that I must have fallen on the side of Michel Foucault in the famous Foucault-Chomsky debate. This is most certainly true and perhaps this … Continue reading

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Google Books NGram Viewer

Google Books have a new tool that lets you search the incidence in the appearance of words in their massive archive, This, I think, is one of the most important historical tools to be made free for public use in … Continue reading

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Kant and His Categories Versus Mises and His Praxeology

You won’t see me dealing with the Austrian School of economics much on this blog. I wrote a long essay on them before and I think it says almost as much as needs to be said; namely, that the Austrians … Continue reading

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Infinite Time: Why the Long-Run in Economics is Metaphysics

Matias Vernengo has a very interesting post on the long-run and the short-run in economics. As he says, the long-run and short-run are just thought experiments (he calls them “methodological tools”). So, the long-run is an imagined period when all … Continue reading

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Is Paul Krugman the Left’s Milton Friedman and Should We Argue With Him?

In response to my previous post on Paul Krugman I got two negative responses; they are the two negative responses I always get when I criticise Krugman. One is from what I call the Krugtrons. These are the people who … Continue reading

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Karl Marx’s Conspiracy Theories

Yesterday I was debating the author of the post I criticised which used what I think to be Marx’s faulty argument regarding the Irish famine and my attention was brought to a footnote that I had missed when I read … Continue reading

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