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The Gold Bug Song

Here’s a song I wrote about gold bugs when I was supposed to be doing work today. Yes, I know the quality is pretty crap and I should probably stick to my day job. But regardless.

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The Chomsky-Foucault Debate: Science Versus Its Nameless Rival

In response to my previous post a commenter on a private group I’m engaged with said that I must have fallen on the side of Michel Foucault in the famous Foucault-Chomsky debate. This is most certainly true and perhaps this … Continue reading

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Google Books NGram Viewer

Google Books have a new tool that lets you search the incidence in the appearance of words in their massive archive, This, I think, is one of the most important historical tools to be made free for public use in … Continue reading

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Kant and His Categories Versus Mises and His Praxeology

You won’t see me dealing with the Austrian School of economics much on this blog. I wrote a long essay on them before and I think it says almost as much as needs to be said; namely, that the Austrians … Continue reading

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Infinite Time: Why the Long-Run in Economics is Metaphysics

Matias Vernengo has a very interesting post on the long-run and the short-run in economics. As he says, the long-run and short-run are just thought experiments (he calls them “methodological tools”). So, the long-run is an imagined period when all … Continue reading

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Is Paul Krugman the Left’s Milton Friedman and Should We Argue With Him?

In response to my previous post on Paul Krugman I got two negative responses; they are the two negative responses I always get when I criticise Krugman. One is from what I call the Krugtrons. These are the people who … Continue reading

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Karl Marx’s Conspiracy Theories

Yesterday I was debating the author of the post I criticised which used what I think to be Marx’s faulty argument regarding the Irish famine and my attention was brought to a footnote that I had missed when I read … Continue reading

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Round and Round We Go: Krugman-Magoo Strikes Again!

Here we go again. Paul Krugman has made another, erm, innovative discovery. Apparently, Krugman has just discovered that when government deficits rise interest rates may not rise at all, indeed there may be a tendency for them to fall. Think … Continue reading

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Metacritique of Dogmatic Reason: Johann Georg Hamann

Lord Keynes of the Social Democracy for the 21st Century blog has been making my life difficult recently. He’s been making me leave rather curt replies to what appear to be his knee-jerk criticisms of Freud — which I don’t … Continue reading

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Even the Statisticians Are Highly Dubious of Applying Their Methods in Economics!

Lars Syll just ran a rather amusing quote from a handbook on mathematical statistics in which the author — a mathematical statistician — lays out all the cop-out arguments used by those who apply these methods in a dubious manner … Continue reading

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