New Blog Dealing With Devolution/Scottish Independence


A colleague and I are currently in the process of launching a new think tank called ‘Gradualis’. The think tank will deal with the political and economic aspects of devolution. Our first focus will be on Scotland as they will vote on their independence later this year.

We think that such issues will probably prove the flash point for much political change that we will see across Europe over the next two decades or so. We also think that heterodox economic ideas — particularly those related to Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and monetary regimes — will be important in considering the key issues surrounding devolution. Indeed, I am currently designing an alternative monetary framework for Scotland that will be published upon launching the think tank.

We have already started a blog that we hope to integrate into the website when it launches in February. We think that readers will find much of interest there. A good deal of the present commentary on Scottish devolution in particular and devolutionary/nationalist movements across Europe in general is short-sighted at the best of times and downright ideologically blinded at the worst of times. We will try to maintain a detached, analytical view.

So, check out the first post on the blog now and feel free to comment and share. This is a real opportunity to get heterodox ideas considered by policymakers but we can only do so by generating sufficient buzz around our project.

Gradualis — The Spanish Armada Set Sail… For Scotland


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Philip Pilkington is a macroeconomist and investment professional. Writing about all things macro and investment. Views my own.You can follow him on Twitter at @philippilk.
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