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Murray Rothbard, Edmund Burke and Intellectual Myopia

There is nothing so sad as to watch someone mistake a parody of his character for a complement. I suppose there are three ways to respond to people having fun on your behalf. The first, and most endearing, is to … Continue reading

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Beware the Scholastics! Some Thoughts on the Curriculum Reform Movement

With the Rethinking Economics student movement in full swing the topic of curriculum reform is once again on the table. For those of you who read this blog and are uncomfortable with this: sorry, you’ve already lost that debate, you … Continue reading

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The Interaction of Economists and Money Cranks in the Depression Years

Yesterday I ran a post that briefly delved into the connection between Keynes and the money cranks of the 1920s and 1930s. There I showed that Keynes’ ideas cannot be said to have been influenced in any substantial way by … Continue reading

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What Constitutes a Money Crank?

I’ve been asking myself that question rather a lot in the past two weeks. This is because I have had two separate commissions for pieces of writing that require me jump down the rabbit hole into the land of the … Continue reading

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Marginalist Microeconomics: The Path to Totalitarian Tyranny

Kevin Hoover, although not generally well-known in Post-Keynesian circles, is easily one of the most interesting economists writing on epistemology and ontology today. He was originally an applied macroeconomist but, like anyone who is remotely philosophically literate, he quickly began … Continue reading

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Control Freaks: Stafford Beer and Salvador Allende’s Fantasy Economy

Some time ago I wrote a post on marginalist microeconomics that included a brief discussion of how it might inspire certain absurd attempts at control in an economy. In that post I was generally concerned with policymakers and managers trying … Continue reading

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New Blog Dealing With Devolution/Scottish Independence

A colleague and I are currently in the process of launching a new think tank called ‘Gradualis’. The think tank will deal with the political and economic aspects of devolution. Our first focus will be on Scotland as they will … Continue reading

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Press Release For My New Tax-Backed Bonds Policy Note at Levy

FOR RELEASE: 05/12/2013 Contact: Philip Pilkington Telephone: xxxxxxxxxx Email: xxxxxxxxxxxx Tax-Backed Bonds Will Still Solve the Eurozone Crisis and Stop Austerity The Levy Institute of Bard College recently released a follow-up policy note by Philip Pilkington on the continued relevance … Continue reading

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Capital Sins: To What End Should Economic Life Be Directed?

Victoria Chick published an interesting paper in the journal Economic Thought on the World Economic Association website entitled Economics and the Good Life: Keynes and Schumacher. In it she explores what both men thought that the end goal of economics … Continue reading

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Is Peer Review Forcing Academics to Become Prostitutes?

Recently I came across a fantastic blog entitled Rejection Letters of the Philosophers. It is a satirical blog in which famous philosophers are imagined to have submitted their manuscripts to their peers via the contemporary academic peer-review system. The humour … Continue reading

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