A Tangential But Rather Interesting Interview With…


Amogh Sahu was kind enough to do an extended interview with me for his podcast. The aim was to try to tie in the work I have been doing on the philosophy of science with economic theory. I think that Sahu did a fantastic job drawing this out and I’m very pleased with the result.

Unfortunately, the sound quality is quite poor — even extremely poor at times. But if you turn up the volume I think that you can hear most of it.

There are some tangents in the interview. We discuss, for example, the 1970s in some detail and have a rather long back-and-forth on the work of the filmmaker Adam Curtis. But I think that it all sort of fits together in a strange sort of way. Anyway, see how far you make it through. Personally I thought some of the best stuff was toward the end.

Entitled Thoughts: Philip Pilkington on Economics, Science and Philosophy


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Philip Pilkington is a macroeconomist and investment professional. Writing about all things macro and investment. Views my own.You can follow him on Twitter at @philippilk.
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