Podcast Appearence on the Bullhouse

Yesterday I appeared on the Bullhouse podcast with Kenna for a very interesting discussion about a wide range of financial and economic topics.

We discussed a number of different topics. Some of these were as follows:

  • Whether there is a property bubble in the US and internationally right now.
  • The potential bubble in the junk bond market and its implications.
  • Why the risks in the market for rental properties are idiosyncratic this time around.
  • How real estate is now a financial asset and why it should be thought of in context with a person’s broader portfolio.
  • The specifics of the London property market and the idiosyncratic shock we saw there last year.
  • The debt-for-equity swap and how low interest rates have not led to the ‘euthanasia of the rentier’ but rather has led to an evaporation of equity – both stock equity and now home equity – for the middle classes.
  • Why the private equity move into home markets is probably going to end up being a bad investment.

Real Estate Market with Philip Pilkington

About pilkingtonphil

Philip Pilkington is a macroeconomist and investment professional. Writing about all things macro and investment. Views my own.You can follow him on Twitter at @philippilk.
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