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On Keynes’ Short-Period Analysis and Harrod’s Dynamics: A Reconciliation

When I first encountered the Harrod-Domar growth model I never interpreted it as a long-period representation. It seemed to me such a strange characterisation and, I’ll admit, when I first approached the growth literature that arose out of it I … Continue reading

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The Efficient Markets Hypothesis Has Been Proved Wrong But Economists Do Not Want to Listen

The Efficient Markets Hypothesis (EMH) is wrong. It has been proved wrong. Do you think you’ve heard this before? You likely have, but the proof that you’ve heard that the EMH is wrong probably has not done the damage that … Continue reading

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Interest Rates, Liquidity Preference and Inflation

On my post about Austrian and Marxian capital theory a commenter left a fairly predictable ‘Austrian comment’ which denied that they assume perfect foresight in their theory of interest rates and investment, gave a confused story about accounting identities (apparently … Continue reading

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Understanding the Current/Capital Account and the Value of the Currency

One thing that I notice on the blogs is that I don’t think I have ever seen anyone give a clear description of the external trade account of a country. Nor have I seen anyone give a clear explanation of … Continue reading

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Capital Theory: An Austrian-Marxian Synthesis

Readers of this blog will know that I am not generally very sympathetic to Austrian economics. There is one point on which the early Austrians did contribute an interesting idea to the world of economics: namely, their theory of capital. … Continue reading

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On Open-Mindedness, Open-Systems and Open Economics Education

I recently came across a fascinating paper by Victoria Chick entitled ‘The Future is Open: On Open-System Theorising in Economics‘. I want to focus on a specific aspect of the paper; namely, Chick’s discussion on the psychological possibilities of actually … Continue reading

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Confusing Accounting Identities With Behavioral Equations

Here’s an interesting little debate from earlier this year that I came across yesterday evening. It is between a number of market analysts over whether the current stock market is overvalued. Why is that interesting? Because the argument is focused on … Continue reading

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Taxation, Government Spending, the National Debt and MMT

The other day my friend Rohan Grey — a lawyer and one of the key organisers behind the excellent Modern Money Network (bringing Post-Keynesian economics to Columbia Law School, yes please!) — directed me to an absolutely fascinating piece of writing. … Continue reading

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Financial Times Contributors Understand ‘Liquidity Trap’ Better Than Neo-Keynesians Like Krugman

I have long complained that the likes of Paul Krugman have grossly misinterpreted the meaning of the term ‘liquidity trap’. These economists seem to think that we are currently in a liquidity trap despite the fact that yields on bonds are … Continue reading

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INET YSI Discussion of a Chapter of My Forthcoming Book

Earlier this week Amogh Sahu set up a INET YSI discussion group to deal with the 4th chapter of my forthcoming book which is entitled ‘Schemata: Abstraction and Modelling’. This is not available yet but I shared a draft with … Continue reading

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