Scotland: After the Election and Moving Into the Future

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I have some writing to do today, so I’m not doing a post. Yesterday, however, I published a piece on Al Jazeera America about the future of Scotland after the election. It might be worth a read.

Scotland’s future is still in doubt

If you are interested in this issue — and I think that it is an extremely interesting issue as Scotland still has the potential to be a country ripe for economic experiment — I highly recommend the following piece by Frances Coppola. In it she plugs my dual currency plan but that is not the only reason I link to it. It is also a fantastic piece on the new trajectory that the Scottish government needs to take once Westminster devolves more economic power to them.

What Scotland Should Have Done (And Still Should Do)


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2 Responses to Scotland: After the Election and Moving Into the Future

  1. Yes, I agree Frances’s piece is good – Alex Salmond and co had not prepared Scotland’s economy for independence.

    The point made by Neil, that support for an independent currency via North Sea Oil exports is significantly over-estimated, stands. A further reason why Scotland’s plans for future independence should be based on a non-oil economy.

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