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A Storm is Coming: On the Rethinking Economics Conference in London

I’ve published a piece on Al Jazeera that gives an account of the extremely impressive London conference that the students fighting to change economics put on at the end of last month. There are some nice anecdotes and I think … Continue reading

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Keynes’ General Theory, the ISLM and Roy Harrod’s ‘Dynamics’

Too often discussions of the relationship between Keynes’ General Theory and the ISLM model focus on John Hicks’ 1937 paper ‘Mr. Keynes and the Classics‘. That paper appeared in the April edition of Econometrica, Volume 5, Issue 2. But Roy … Continue reading

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Stock Market Crash!

Did that title get your attention? I’d imagine that it did. There’s nothing like predictions of a crashing stock market to get the attention of readers. Well, I’m not quite willing to make any firm predictions. Rather I want to … Continue reading

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The Great Unwinding: Some Thoughts on the Incoherence of Mainstream Economics

A recent post by Lord Keynes inspired me to write up some very general thoughts on the state of mainstream economics. Today, I believe, mainstream economics is completely incoherent. What do I mean by that? Well, basically if you are … Continue reading

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Against Marginalist Pricing Theory: US Consumer Prices and Capacity Utilisation

Marginalist economic theory tells us that when there is unemployment of capital resources prices should fall. Some marginalists like the New Keynesians and the neo-Keynesians will supplement this by saying that prices can tend to be ‘sticky’. Let us ignore … Continue reading

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The Reformation in Economics: Table of Contents

So, my book is super close to being finished (I know… I keep saying that…). And I have an agent currently considering it. They have said that they want this to be published as a popular book which is exactly … Continue reading

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Beware the Scholastics! Some Thoughts on the Curriculum Reform Movement

With the Rethinking Economics student movement in full swing the topic of curriculum reform is once again on the table. For those of you who read this blog and are uncomfortable with this: sorry, you’ve already lost that debate, you … Continue reading

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Marc Lavoie’s New Book

Marc Lavoie’s new book on the foundations of Post-Keynesian economics is out entitled Post-Keynesian Economics: New Foundations. I learned a lot from the last version of this book and Marc has told me that he’s been working hard to update … Continue reading

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Moar Rethinking of Economics

Here’s an interview with Tony Lawson on economics, mathematics and ontology.

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