Meanwhile, in the Meeja


I have written a piece for Al Jazeera on Janet Yellen’s recent comments on specific asset markets. This is a big turning point for the Fed but it leads to major contradictions in their policy goals.

Fed’s targeting of asset bubbles leads to contradictions

I would also encourage readers to take a look at the following article in which David Levy — head of Levy Forecasting which is the only firm in the world that uses the Levy-Kalecki profit equation for forecasting purposes — predicts a recession in the US next year. The Levy crowd are some of the best forecasters in the world and they are definitely worth paying attention to. I am going to try to get in contact with David to find out more about this forecast as it could be a very big deal — both from a policy perspective and an investing perspective.

Doom and gloom: 2015 global recession warning from financial seers of the century


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