Scottish Sectoral Balances


The Scottish government yesterday released key statistics that allow us to calculate the sectoral balances of the country. I have done so for our emerging think tank Gradualis and have posted the results on the Gradualis blog.

Scottish Sectoral Balances

As can be seen from the discussion on the blog the Scottish economy is extremely reliant on the income generated from oil and gas exports. If these are denied to Scotland after independence the Scottish economy would likely collapse.

In my opinion the two graphs linked to in the above post are the most fundamental when considering the question of Scottish independence.

If you want to comment on the post please do so at the Gradualis blog as we are trying to generate interest and traffic for it before we formally launch the think tank. Thanks!


About pilkingtonphil

Philip Pilkington is a London-based economist and member of the Political Economy Research Group (PERG) at Kingston University. You can follow him on Twitter at @pilkingtonphil.
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