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The Wonderful Exploding Merkel – A Challenge to the Left

I’ve been banging on about it for weeks: the measures taken by the EU to repair the current crisis are weak. They won’t work. Why? Because they don’t attack the problem at its root – they don’t deal with ensuring … Continue reading

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Cracks in the Technostructure

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Julian Assange – of WikiLeaks fame, and fast becoming my hero – has announced that some of the material they will be drip-feeding us in the coming weeks and months is related to high-profile … Continue reading

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Nuclear Meltdown: Of North Korea and Iran

Just to highlight some interesting stories that have developed out of the WikiLeaks cables that came out the other day (note while reading this, that various hacks working for various hack publications have condemned the leaks as gossip – perhaps … Continue reading

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A Stock Market Bubble in the Works?

I’ve alluded to it a few times before on this blog, but always gently – I’ve also, in the past few months, been telling my nearest and dearest to be very careful about plowing their money into the stock market… … Continue reading

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Pastor Schauble to the Rescue!

German Finance Minister Herr Schauble, is at it again – this guy is really starting to get on my nerves. While our friends in the UK are insisting that the interest-rate on our loan repayments remains low – somewhere around … Continue reading

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The Shit Hits…

  What a mess! Well, its hit alright. The first batch of the Wikileaks diplomatic cables are out – and some of them are pretty juicy. The fact that Saudi Arabia have been pushing the US to bomb Iran – … Continue reading

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The Running of the Bulls

Every year, in sunny July, certain Spaniards in certain Spanish towns engage in a rather stupid and self-destructive tradition – the running of the bulls. People may think that I’m being parochial, intolerant and un-cosmopolitan by saying that this Spanish … Continue reading

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