Just Because You’re Paranoid…

We’ve all been there. You’re having a discussion with someone about, oh, I don’t know, the destructive influence of big business on politics, and your skeptical interlocutor accuses you of engaging in conspiracy theory. What you’re saying is disturbing – so, naturally, you must be out of your mind.

Well, these days with the clowns running the circus, the mask can drop from time to time, proving that us lunatics might just have a point. The New York Times published a piece the other day exposing a secret letter sent to various rich folk by the shady Koch brothers. This gruesome twosome are a couple of billionaires with big oil stakes – not to mention a rather refined class consciousness.

The Koch (pronounced ‘coke’) brothers’ business – Koch Industries – has a long history of mass-manipulation. It’s founder, Fred Koch, was early member of the notorious quote-unquote ‘anti-communist’ John Birch Society – and he used his influence and wealth to spread their hysterical gospel. Today, in addition to being notorious climate change deniers (who would have thought it – big oil climate change deniers…), the ‘libertarian’ (today’s banner for big business) Koch Industries fund a variety of right-wing think tanks, such as the Cato Institute. They also fund an organisation called FreedomWorks, which is active in the so-called Tea Party movement.

The letter, intercepted by the New York Times, reveals more of the same. The Kochs are concerned with ‘re-educating’ the public – who, with their toxic desire for health care and social welfare payments, are a threat to ‘freedom’, Stalinists, Hitlerists and Maoists in disguise. The Kochs aim to begin this indoctrination project by summoning the willing wealthy elite to a secret location where they can all discuss tactics. What’s more the letter implores the invitee to keep the propaganda party secret. Queue: ominous music.

This letter comes on the back of the infamous Citigroup ‘Plutonomy’ memo, which, I assume, needs no further introduction after being famously utilized by US filmmaker Michael Moore in his latest offering ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’.

These incidents show precisely the channels by which wealthy elites try to exercise influence on the public mindset – and this doesn’t even take into account more subtle channels that exist in the mass-media. These are the tactics that need to be looked out for if and when reforms to the international economic system begin to take place (in a former post I dealt with what I believe to be the reasons for these attitudes on the part of big business; reasons that seem irrational from a strictly economic point-of-view).

Well, that’s my chalkboard empty. I think it’s time I went out and bought a tin-foil hat – as I think that the CIA might be trying to read my thoughts. Tomorrow, I’ll be posting my theories on UFO influence on Chinese currency exchange rates. Stay tuned and find out just how deep the rabbit-hole goes!!!

About pilkingtonphil

Philip Pilkington is a London-based economist and member of the Political Economy Research Group (PERG) at Kingston University. You can follow him on Twitter at @pilkingtonphil.
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2 Responses to Just Because You’re Paranoid…

  1. Juniorjb says:

    Check out “Invisible Hands” by the US historian Kim Philips-Fein – it is a history of the growth and development of organisations like the Koch brothers’ pressure groups, very interesting and moves this from murky conspiracy to well-documented fact.

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