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We’ve all been there before, right? “I’ll do it tomorrow”… “No, of course it won’t leave a stain…” “You won’t get pregnant! besides they make my…” Yes, procrastination – it’s a devil. It can wreak havoc on your life like … Continue reading

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Busted: The Fall in Profits and the Rise of Finance – Part I

  Okay, it’s time to get all scholarly. I know, I know, yawn? right? But sometimes it’s important to see the bigger picture – even when that picture is inflated to the point of conjecture – in order to get … Continue reading

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Trick or Treat: Eri Yamamoto Trio – Magnolia

Well, Halloween’s coming up – and everyone likes Halloween, right?….. right? Well, I do, anyway. You’re never too old to dress-up, in my book. And most of us, as adults – or, more precisely, the imitation thereof – have found … Continue reading

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Néstor Kirchner R.I.P

Ex-president of Argentina, Néstor Kirchner passed away two days ago – dying from heart failure at the regrettable age of sixty. Behind him he leaves a country with a booming economy – and a  guaranteed historical legacy. After years of … Continue reading

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The Slow Death of the Giganto Super-Brain

A post by James Kwak today got me thinking – as it so often does.  Now that it looks like Ireland is swimming into the jaws of the IMF-style creature that the EU – under the guise of ESFS – … Continue reading

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In God We… Don’t Really Trust That Much, But Kind Of Hope That He’ll Do The Right Thing…

There’s something tragic about a great power in decline. Many on the left today take it for granted that America should serve as their political punch bag. But the US was once a landmass upon which great political dreams were … Continue reading

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Obama’s Change: Coming Soon to a Financial Market Near You

The rest of the world is finally beginning to cop on. To what? To President Barack Obama being – well – either incompetent or a big pseudo-populist fraud. In the US this has been known for some time – indeed, … Continue reading

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