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"Don't you know? They've never had it so good!"

Well, it’s out. Lord Young’s remarks are, of course, the potterings of a dithery old fool far past his sell-by date and probably only given an advisory position out of sympathy. But, I reckon they reflect something deeply embedded in the Tories since the days of Thatcher. That tone – that tone of contempt for those around you – that’s the tone that’s coloured the Tories for some years now.

It was once a patrician’s party – but a patrician’s party that treated it’s peasantry with a sort of amused affection. Since Thatcher and her ilk – and I mean here, over-inflated shopkeepers; petit-bourgeois with a chip on their shoulder and a lot to prove who were brought up reading about the Lords and Ladies of yore – took over the party it’s degenerated immeasurably. It became the vehicle for the grandiose fantasies of a few dejected petit-bourgeoisie.

These are the Tories of today. This is who the British people voted for in the last election. Enjoy it, my brothers… As Young and his other pseudo-aristocrats play and being Lords and Ladies the austerity measures will tear your fragile economy apart – the ghost of shopkeeper Thatcher haunts British politics once more… and it is unlikely to go away until it is forcefully exorcised.

UPDATE: More classy throwbacks to the mid-nineteenth century from Tory toffs.

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