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World Recession in 2015

Quite busy today. But a piece that I wrote for Al Jazeera on the prospect of a world recession in 2015 went up yesterday. It might be of interest to some readers. As the piece makes clear we cannot be … Continue reading

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On Gold Buggery

My piece on gold bugs, their culture and their silliness is now online at The New Internationalist website for all you lousy folks that didn’t bother picking up a copy. It was one of the most fun pieces I ever … Continue reading

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Media Etc.

Too backed up to do a new post today. But a piece of mine went up on Al Jazeera yesterday that deals with the OECD’s very ambitious report from a few weeks ago. Readers might find that of interest. The … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in the Meeja

I have written a piece for Al Jazeera on Janet Yellen’s recent comments on specific asset markets. This is a big turning point for the Fed but it leads to major contradictions in their policy goals. Fed’s targeting of asset … Continue reading

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A Storm is Coming: On the Rethinking Economics Conference in London

I’ve published a piece on Al Jazeera that gives an account of the extremely impressive London conference that the students fighting to change economics put on at the end of last month. There are some nice anecdotes and I think … Continue reading

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The Reformation in Economics: Table of Contents

So, my book is super close to being finished (I know… I keep saying that…). And I have an agent currently considering it. They have said that they want this to be published as a popular book which is exactly … Continue reading

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Housing Bubble Redux

A piece I did for Al Jazeera on the IMF warnings of a potential global housing bubble. Here we go again. Will real estate bubbles again sink the global economy?

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